Globe Metallic Keychain With Engraved Name



Globe Metallic Keychain Features:

  • Body: Metallic
  • Type: Keychain
  • Design: Round
  • Metallic Rings: 360 Rotatable
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Luxury Box: Yes

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Just like one person is not like the other in a similar way one keychain is not like the other. So in this era where individuality is becoming rare we are proud to present for the first time in Pakistan, Globe Metallic Keychain of high and rust resistant quality metal with your engraved name on it. A keychian for your individual self and personal style.

A very creative and different design keychain that is the best keychain out there in town. The keychain has 360 rotatable metallic rings with your name engraved on the innermost ring. The rings can be rotated to form a globe with your name on the centre ring showing your need for being at the centre of things. The ring keeps your keys sorted and easy to use. It is very fashionable with no compromise on quality and functionality.

Globe Metallic keychain is truly a keychain that easily distinguishes itself and its owner from others. It is packaged in a good quality luxury hard box which also makes it a great choice of a gift for a loved one.

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